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"I like the impurity of taking one genre and twisting it into something else. I'm not interested in pure form at all. I'm much more interested in a bastardized form of music, where some kind of mutant can grow. Pop music at its best is that sort of mongrel thing. I enjoy breaking the pattern." - Sting

"I think flamenco is the most bastardised music that exists, however much they say it’s a pure music." - Ojos De Brujo

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acoustic guitar, al di meola, alejandro sanz, antonio forcione, astor piazzolla, bach, baile, bill evans, camaron, cante, carles benavent, classic guitar, dorantes, duquende, el bicho, flamenco, flamenco fusion, gipsy kings, guitar, ivan smirnov, jesse cook, john mclaughlin, jordi bonell, jose manuel leon, juan manuel canizares, ketama, louis winsberg, luis salinas, manouche, mike stern, nino josele, ojos de brujo, paco de lucia, pat metheny, pedro sierra, potito, rafael cortes, raimundo amador, richard bona, sirimusa, stevie wonder, sting, tomatito, tonino baliardo, u2, vicente amigo, вячеслав полунин, пако де лусия, рихтер, фламенко, фламенко фьюжн
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